Hello, I'm Karin


I accompany self-employed individuals from strategy, through aesthetic design, to a successful website.

Karin Martin - born in Munich in the last millennium. I have been self-employed and working freelance since 2006. Web design is my passion, and I aim to create my clients' "fingerprint" on the internet as personally and authentically as possible. Additionally, I am a partner, mother, friend, daughter, sister, entrepreneur, and freelancer. I am also a graphic designer, photographer, painter, plant enthusiast, mountain biker, hiker, and spiritual web companion.

How I got into web design...

Welcome to my website, where I, as an enthusiastic web designer, share my journey.

Through my technical affinity and the ability to think in images, I found the perfect ticket into this exciting world. Early experiences as an employee in a data center and the introduction of the first personal computers ignited my self-taught enthusiasm. Back then, when most people used PCs only for games, I was completely fascinated by the countless possibilities that could be discovered.

Are you curious about my journey as a web designer? Let me tell you: In an advertising agency, I deepened my graphic understanding and experimented with desktop publishing and photo programs. The necessity to create my own website eventually led me into the fascinating world of web design. Although it was initially a challenging task, I tackled it with enthusiasm. The positive feedback even inspired friends to entrust me with their websites. And so began my journey as a sought-after web designer – a journey full of creativity and exciting projects!


In a time when the computer world and web design were predominantly shaped by men, I recognized that women have specific needs for their online presentation. My focus extended beyond aesthetic designs to creating spaces that meet individual requirements. For me, web design is the perfect blend of graphic talent, technical understanding, and empathy.

Designing virtual spaces, especially personal online domains or "homes on the web" for people, is my passion. Every website I create is developed with care and attention—with the goal that YOU feel comfortable and are optimally presented!